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Airborne & Structure Borne Noise | Typical IIC & STC Rating of Concrete Block |

redupaxRedupax®9mm hardwood underlayment is a premium acoustical floor underlayment designed for use under floated engineered hardwood or laminate flooring.  Redupax offers more performance than any other competitor’s underlayments for laminate & engineered hardwood flooring.
Redupax Literature
Redupax Literature
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Paladin® underlayment for floated parquet, laminate & hardwood flooring is only 4 mm thick and is an excellent choice in areas where minimum floor build-ups are required. Paladin is price competitive and offers excellent acoustic performance and value. Read More
Paladin Literature
Paladin Literature
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Acoustical Underlayment For Floated & Glue Down Engineered Hardwood
Impacta-ProBase is a recycled rubber-based sound underlayment used under floated or glue down hardwood  or laminate flooring. Impacta-ProBase is available in thickness of 3mm, 6mm. and 12mm thick in roll size of 4′ x 25′ & 4’x50′ rolls.
recycle http://www.rubberunderlayments.com
ProBase Lit
ProBase Literature
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Acoustical Underlayment For Nail Down Solid 3/4″ Hardwood Floors
Soundeater® acoustic underlayment is a free floating underlayment designed for nail down hardwood flooring. Designed with a wood nailer profile every 10 inches to accept up to a 1 1/2″ nail with out touching the sub floor.
FSC Read More
Sound Eater Literature
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Acoustical Underlayment For Ceramic Tile, Marble & Stone Flooring
CeraZorb® Acoustic Underlayment is a synthetic cork underlayment designed for use under Ceramic tile flooring.
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Cerazorb Underlayment

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Acoustical Underlayment For VCT, Linoleum, Vinyl & Epoxy Floor
Jumpax® acoustic floor underlayment is designed for glue down VCT, linoleum, and vinyl flooring. Jumpax is a 2 part underlayment that has a soft absorber lower board and a hard density fiber top board that are mated together. The hard top accepts glue for glue down flooring and will not pierce linoleum or VCT when walked upon or dragged heavy objects over.
Cerazorb www.jumpax.net

Jumpax Literature
Jumpax Literature
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Acoustical Underlayment For Linoleum & Vinyl
VC300® underlay has been specially designed for direct glue down resilient vinyl flooring and is acceptable with LVT linoleum, and all vinyl flooring. VC300 is very stable and will not deform under loads.
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Underlayment VC300
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Strutus Flooring
Acoustical Underlayment For Loose Lay Vinyl & Vinyl Plank Flooring
Struktus® Superieur acoustic floor underlayment is designed for loose lay vinyl or vinyl plank flooring.  Struktus has been approved under Konecto® and Zaxxon® Oasis plank flooring. Struktus is manufactured with a interlocking lip/joint construction that has a lower sound absorbing board and a hard density fiber top board.
Cerazorb Learn More

Acoustic Underlayment
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Marathon Underlayment
Acoustical Underlayment For Loose Lay Cushion Vinyl
Marathon Super acoustic floor underlayment is designed for loose lay cushion vinyl. Marathon is a dual density that has a sound absorbing underside with a harder top surface to help protect the vinyl for marring when walked upon.
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Acoustic Underlayment
Marathon Literature
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Superfloor Underlayment
Acoustical Underlayment For Carpet & Carpet Tile
acoustical carpet underlayment is a premium carpet pad designed for use under carpet & carpet tiles. Superfloor is different than any other carpet pad in the market today offering glue down or traditional carpet tack installation. Superfloor carpet underlayment is designed to prolong the life of your carpet, while providing superior sound ratings for impact foot traffic noise.

Superfloor Underlayment
SuperFloor Literature
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Acoustical Underlayment For Mill Building and Loft Conversion

Uni-Silence System® is sound reducing prefabricated sub floor system that has been engineered for loft conversion and mill building renovation.  The Uni-Silence System is 3″ thick and weighs 7.5 lbs per sf and is designed to reduce both airborne and structure borne noise.  The Uni-Silence System is perfect for buildings where the floor above is used for the ceiling below. Learn More

With any mill building or loft conversion the STC & IIC without a ceiling below will be very low.  In many instances gypsum topping is recommended to increase overall STC  rating.  We always recommend that you work with an acoustical consultant to field test for IIC & STC measurements both before and after using Uni-Silence System
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Difference Between Airborne & Structure Borne Noise

Airborne Noise is noise that is caused and travels through the atmosphere, this noise includes: speech, television, radio, etc.  Airborne noise is typically controlled by weight and mass; the heavier the floor/ceiling or interior walls are the better its ability to stop or insulate airborne noise.  Airborne noise is tested using the ASTM E413-04 test.  It is a single-number rating system that is used to compare the sound insulation of interior walls or floors tested in laboratory conditions (STC) or the actual sound isolation between different floor/rooms in the field (FSTC).  If the underlayment you are using is lightweight it typically offers very little STC performance.  Underlayments that have this symbol are heavier underlays, having a minimum weight of 1 lb per sf and will help increase the overall STC rating of the structure.

Structure Borne Noise is noise that is cause by an impact and travels through the structure, this noise includes: walking or foot fall noise, dragging chairs, objects dropping, etc.  Structure borne noise is tested using the ASTM E492-04 test for laboratory measurements (IIC) and the ASTM E1007-04e1 test for field measurements (FIIC) using a tapping machine. Tests evaluate the impact sound-insulating performance of a floor-ceiling assembly and are also a single-number rating system.  Underlayments are used to isolate a hard surface floor form the sub floor.  Underlayments that have this symbol have been engineered to reduce impact noise specifically for that floor covering.

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Noise Barrier for interior walls.  Impacta NB-1 weighs 1 lb per sq ft and is easily installed on the interior stud framing.  NB-1 has a STC rating of 26 and when used in a 2×4 x16″ centers will achieve an STC rating of 51.
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Noise Barrier

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