Frequently Asked Questions

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Q– Why do you have so many different underlayments?
A- At Sound Seal we believe in solving noise problems and have been doing that for over 30 years.  We do not believe that one underlayment can meet the requirements for every situation.  For example our wood fiber underlayments typically perform higher than our rubber based underlayment over concrete but the opposite happens on lightweight wood frame construction.  We evaluate the floor/ceiling construction, proposed floor covering and acoustic requirements in recommending a product.
Q– I bought a condo and I want to replace my carpet with hardwood or tile but my condo association says no, is there anything I can do?
A- That would depend on many factors including the age and construction of your condo.  We always recommend consulting with an acoustical consultant to review your situation.  Please call Sound Seal and we can recommend one for you.
Q– What is the difference between the CeraZorb and the CeraZorb Green?
A- The CeraZorb is made using beaded polypropylene beads and is very lightweight and is used under tile only.  The CeraZorb Green is a green building product that uses 92% recycled rubber that has specially formulated for ceramic tile but also can be installed under floated or glue down hardwood flooring.
Q– What is the best underlayment for Laminate Flooring?
A- The best underlayment for Laminate flooring is our Paladin.  Paladin underlay is a 4mm thick and is made from wood fiber that when walked upon will not bounce of flex like many foam and felt padding.  A wood fiber underlayment under a laminate or engineered hardwood floor gives the floor a more solid and robust sound and feel under foot.
Q– I want to glue my hardwood floor down which underlayment is best for my application?
A- Our Sound Shark rubber is recommended for glue down flooring.  The underlayment always needs to be glued to the sub floor.  It is always important to note that the glue to bond the rubber to the sub floor and the hardwood to the rubber has to be the same.  Do not use to different types of glue to save money.  We also recommend a good quality commercial brand urethane wood adhesive. The 3mm Sound Shark is typically used in 6″ or greater concrete slab and the 6mm Sound Shark is recommended for lightweight wood frame construction.

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